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Xemerys: Experience the Ultimate Strategy Challenge!
Different than any other browser game, Xemerys allows you to have fun and to improve your social and managing skills!
You can play it any time as much as you like, either by yourself or with your family and friends!
Other games are one boring repetitive action, Xemerys is an ENGAGING REAL STRATEGY!
Probably the best browser economic strategy available right now, Xemerys redefines the standards for online strategy games by adding new unique concepts such as: Propaganda, Regional Weather, Global Cataclysm, Quality of Life, Pollution, Inflation, Unique Civics just to name a few.
No download required! You only need a modern browser (Firefox 3+, Opera 10, IE 8).

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  • Our pollution page is the number one priority. It needs a better description of the concept as is occurs in Xemerys. Don't be shy, get in there.
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