Premium point iconPremium Points are the in-game currency of Xemerys.

You can win free Premium Points every day from Happiness icon happiness and Health icon health levels of your people and from your referrals.

Another way to get Premium Points is to convert Gold icon gold into Premium point icon Premium Points.

Premium Points can also be purchased from the in-game store.

Some of the ways in which you can spend Premium point icon Premium Points are:

  • Instaport which will instantly transport your goods to their destination. Instaport helps to save on trade portal cost since portals only generate expenses while in use. A positive side effect is that a trade portal becomes available sooner and can be used for other trades.
  • Casting inactive spells*. Inactive spells are spells attached to any magic doctrine that has been researched but doesn't currently govern your city-state.
  • Casting blessings on other city-states*.
  • Spreading inactive propaganda*. All propaganda attached to civics that have been researched but don't currently govern your city-state are called inactive propaganda.
  • Speed-ups.

* Premium Membership removes the Premium Point cost and activates Cataclysm Defender for the entire membership period.

Referral System

How to win Premium point icon Premium Points from your referrals:

  • When a new player joins Xemerys using your referral link, the Overview of your City adviser City Adviser will also display increased chances and a bigger amount of free Premium Points you can win every day. You get to benefit from your referrals every day, for as long as they remain active players.
  • The chance to get free Premium point icon Premium Points is increased by your referrals' influence, while the number of your referrals will increase the amount of additional Premium Points you can win.