The Basics

Merchants' Den is the place to come to exchange resources with other players. Unlike the Trading Office, where goods are either sold or bought for Gold icon gold, this trading chat is the place where rulers swap goods between themselves, no Gold icon gold involved. The fastest way to display the chat is to click on Den icon in the minipanel. Alternatively, while on the Commerce adviser Commerce Adviser screen, select Merchants' Den.

Check List

It's always a good idea to check a few things before advertising your wares on Merchants' Den. This will ensure a smooth trading with no bumps along the way.

  • Plan in advance
One of the first things to consider when trading is time. It takes a certain amount of time for the goods to reach their destination. You will be prompted about the ETA before you commit to any trade. However, don't forget that effects can also influence transport time.
  • Trade portals
Make sure you have at least one available Trade portals trade portal before starting to advertise your wares or committing to any deal. All goods are transported via trade portals. If there's none available at that time, you won't be able to swap goods on Merchants' Den.


Every message on Merchants' Den has a player name (the author of that message) and the region (Reg.) of their city-state attached to it. Clicking on a player's name will display a list of actions regarding that player. One of them is Send goods icon Send Goods and will open a trade form (if there's no trade portal available at that time, you will get a reminder of that). Pressing Tab after typing in the amounts of goods to send, will update the ETA of that transport.