All services, raw materials and goods are provided by industries.

Every industry can have one or more facilities. When establishing a new industry, you basically build its first facility.

Upgrading an industry means adding (building) another facility to that industry. You are also given the option to either demolish one facility or demolish all facilities of any given industry.

Each facility can hire one team of workers. Therefore, the number of facilities in an industry will give the maximum number of teams that can be assigned to that industry. Team sizes vary from industry to industry. You need to have enough workers to form a team in order to assign them to an industry.

There are three types of industries:

Raw materials are used to make goods. All raw materials, except Milk icon milk and Wheat icon wheat, are called special resources, the reason being a city-state can only have one industry producing a special resource at any given time.
  • Factories (they require raw materials and worker teams)
Factories make goods that are used to fulfill different tire needs while others can boost the health and happiness of your people.
  • Services (they only require worker teams)
Services are needed to fulfill population needs. Each new team assigned in a service industry widens its coverage.

All industries can be found under the Industry adviser Industry Adviser screen.


Every non-service industry produces a quantity of a certain good per round (every 10 minutes). If there aren't enough raw materials, no goods will be produced, but upkeep and wages will be charged every round.


Both population and industries consumes goods. If there aren't enough goods, industries will stop producing while your people will be unhappy. Note that population consumes only the goods required by the current quality of life.


If you want to prevent consumption of any good, you can stockpile it. Just press on the green bulb from the product box in the warehouse. Click again to cancel the stockpiling.