In the end it's all about Gold icon gold.

Gold is a very important resource in Xemerys. It is required almost everywhere but it is a bit harder to come by. Your people pay tax which is the main gold income, but you can also export goods or cast spells that will increase your revenue.

Just like in real life, there are many expenses

  • Wages
  • Industries Upkeep
  • Trade Portals Upkeep
  • Social Costs (unemployment)

On top of that as your city grows, you will also have to deal with inflation (which increases your total cost).

Construction costs and imports are charged as they occur, while expenses are charged every round (10 minutes).

Exports are registered as they occur while tax and other income (from effects) are registered every round.

Keeping a positive balance is required if you want to be successful. Keep an eye on the expenses and use civics, doctrines, spells or propaganda to increase your profit (or to reduce your loss).