All newly founded city-states come with two already established goods industries, each with one facility: Cheese Industry and Bakery.

All factories need raw materials to manufacture their final products.

Most goods are used to fulfill life quality needs while others, such as Aphrodisiac icon aphrodisiacs and Wine icon wine, can give you a happiness or a health bonus.

Management of factories can be done via Industry adviser Industry Adviser.

Factories include:

Bakery Bread icon Bread 2 Wheat icon Wheat
Cheese Industry Cheese icon Cheese 2 Milk icon Milk
Fashion Industry Trendy clothes icon Trendy Clothes 2 Wool icon Wool + 1 Dye icon Dyes
Tailor Common clothes icon Common Clothes 2 Wool icon Wool
Fine Dining Cheesecake icon Layered Crepe Cheesecake 1 Berries icon Berries + 2 Wheat icon Wheat + 2 Milk icon Milk
Distilleries Liquor icon Liquor 1 Berries icon + 1 Grapes icon Grapes
Aphrodisiac Industry Aphrodisiac icon Aphrodisiac 1 Eucalyptus icon Eucalyptus Leaves + 1 Crystal icon Crystal
Wineries Wine icon Wine 2 Grapes icon Grapes
Crystalsmith Jewelry icon Jewelry 1 Silver icon Silver + 1 Crystal icon Crystal
Silverworks Silverwork icon Silverware 2 Silver icon Silver
Beauty Industry Cosmetics icon Cosmetics 1 Eucalyptus icon Eucalyptus Leaves + 1 Dye icon Dyes